Having trouble loading the new update on your Samsung device?

Certain Samsung devices are having trouble getting the newest update to load. To resolve this, follow these steps:

  1. Delete the game from your device.
  2. Reinstall it.
  3. Reconnect with whatever social network you originally used to connect to Mad Skills Motocross 2.

Steps 1 and 2 should get the app working again, and step 3 should restore all of your progress. If you go through these steps and have trouble getting your progress back, just let us know and we can help.

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Is this the update for bike 10?

No, it’s not out yet, but it will be very soon. This is for the previous update.

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Ok thanks. I saw that this was posted 12 hours ago, and I was like noooo I’ve been missing out on playing time!

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Help! Won’t open. Just upgraded to 2.3.0 and it won’t open on my samsung s4

I moved your post into this thread instead, please check out the first post, follow the directions and see if that helps. If not, let us know :slight_smile:

Fixed, thanks


You can also use this Google troubleshooting page to help. https://support.google.com/googleplay/troubleshooter/6241347?hl=en&rd=1

Or try this as well:
In your device go to Settings → Applications (Manager) → All (tab), scroll down and tap “Google Play Store”, then “Uninstall updates” & “Clear cache” then try again.

Found yet another solutions. Follow these steps and it should fix your problem.

Unmount and takeout the SD card, open the Google Play Store in app manager. Once it is done calculating the cache and data sizes, click the following buttons in this order: - Force Stop - Clear data - Clear cache - Uninstall Updates, then reboot your phone, and open the Play Store once its rebooted. Download MSM2, then reinstall SD card.

Hopefully that solves it!