Have any of you downoaded bmx2 yet?

I have, and i rage quit after 5min :joy:

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No, not to get Android.

Yes its ok.

Yeah, its an ok game i give it a 6/10 its fun but not as much as mad skills mx2

It gets really fun around bike 5. Exponentially harder after that but you start going like 300 miles an hour and you’re heart’s beatin out of your chest and you fuck up your line and have to start all over. It’s great. :joy::+1:t2:


I love it because theres no leaning :joy:

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No clue it was out, is it on android?

Its not mad skillS MX. Its not supposed to be either. Its its own game and should be judged as such. Am I having more fun in my favorite game ever? Well duh! Is BMX 2 an extremely well put together game with balls out action? You bet!


It is a soft release… only in Australia, NZ and Malaysia iirc.

Oficial release for the whole world, mid january most likely, accordin to turborilla tumblr page.

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Thats right i remember reading that somewhere, thanks bud

Depends on how many bugs that we missed the masses find.

I’m sorry I thought you said have you seen it not played it I read to fast.

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Give it time. Once you unlock Jam and the best bike it gets super fun. Don’t compare it to MSM2 because it’s a totally different game. Getting fast times on BMX2 is all about momentum and timing. Takes different skills than MSM2.


None cause we’re the best. :slightly_smiling_face:


Its funny I race motocross and use to race bmx I’m starting bmx again next year and I love seeing these games come out and getting better thank you guys!

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Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of it though😐

Starting as a MSMX2 player I found it hard to get it down, not really a fan