Happy holidays/ Merry xmas


Happy holidays, and merry xmas dev team, beta testers, team mates, rivals, may your lap times improve and all that :joy:. All hail the santy helmet! :blush:


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!! A day early in Denmark… @THR_Birdshaw… Hertzlich Weinachten!! I know… thats German, I don’t know Danish…lol


Merry Christmas Everyone, 2016 was a Great year and I cant wait to see what Turborilla has in store for us in 2017 . You guys are by far the BEST mobile Gaming company I’ve ever come across. The way you interact and listen to your players input and are willing to let us engage in the games development is a huge reason i love this game. Anyway, Merry Christmas ya filthy Animals, and Happy New Year


Merry Christmas to you too. All of you!!


I was raised by what my dad called “a true christian” we never celebrated Christmas like everyone else. My dad would be like this is gods day, nobody does anything for god or talks about him. Its all about Santa and spoiled kids. I was smart enough as a kid to know that is bullcrap. I’d ask my dad why don’t we help people then during Christmas as celebration. I got a broken arm for that. So Christmas to me has always been about helping someone worse off than me or even someone who has everything still could be missing love. :+1: . so get out there and help someone there is no greater feeling other than being number 1 in madskills motocross lol. MERRY SCRUBMAS Y’ALL!


Merry Christmas to all!!


THR_KingKnobby > That is the Perfect definition of Christmas. I grew up with parents that never prayed or stepped foot in a church. They lived by and raised me to have what you could define as Conservative principles. (Don’t give a fish but teach to fish) if you know what i mean… Help the TRULY needy and stand up for the weak. My view of what Christmas means reflect yours . Give more than you take and leave this world knowing you made some kind of difference, even if its stopping to help stranded cars or volunteering at a boys/Girls club. I have no problem with what people base the holidays around, Christians, Jewish whatever. I respect everyones freedom of religion, as long as they respect my freedom to live the way I want…Merry Christmas Brother


Merry christmas to all friends in here :slight_smile:


Also, i was not trying to start a political/religious argument thread. I was just Agreeing with KKnobby. Lol…Dont nobody go off the rails…


Merry Christmas to you all.


merry whipmas fellow mxers


Merry Christmas to all of you. Even all the guys relentlessly following me around to bully me… Even though I bring you all nothing but love.


Merry Christmas too all players and those in and behind the scenes at Turborilla. Great community we have all built together!!


Merry Christmas to All MSM2 racers!!!:santa::+1::+1:


Thanks for the kind words and marry xmas too all of you guys and gals too! I hope you liked the two xmas eastereggs we put into the game this year! :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas I wish you all here

Frohe Weihnachten wünsche ich euch alle hier

vrolijke kerstmis Ik wens u allen heer


Whooaa Now…What EasterEggs…? The Santa Hats? Or…


There’s just something small that we hidd in the background.



Sasquatch. And the wolves? Or are they reindeer?