Happy birthday WFO_DrXpY (Albert Alvarez) πŸŽ‰

Don’t really know him but he’s in WFO_ and I’m in HDR_ so I feel it’s appropriate, I hope however old you turned treats you well @DrXpY_YT , sorry for being late lol


Thanks bro I appreciate it! I turned 14😁



Your welcome

It’s his birthday m8

Happy Birthday WFO_DrXpY love you :kissing_heart:

VΓ o 11:40 Th 6, 23 thg 7 2021 Tapt via Turborilla AB <turborilla@discoursemail.com> Δ‘Γ£ viαΊΏt:


Happy birthday :partying_face:

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congratulations bro

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how do i watch more than 1 person racing in jam i have premium

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can i still get this helmet or can i not

No it was a daily dash prize

oh didnt know

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nah ur in WFO, what are you talking about? @HDR_Tapt

Nah I wish just HDR_ HDR has new plates that say top 25 on them for the HDR riders that are getting top 25 placements

i can help out with that.

How lol

i edit profiles, i was gonna start doing them according to Tozzy’s requests, and i was gonna create a helmet for HDR_ for msmx3
i created the helmet that i use as a profile on here.

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I mean that helmet can take me like 2 minutes to make, you just took the world championship helmet and put hdr on the visor


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