Hacker Problems

Hello, I’m sure all of the developers know about this already since it’s been a problem for years but can someone go through a bunch of the career tracks and get rid some of the hack times? I’m fairly certain that I have a couple world records but I can’t tell because the top 3 of all time are always just hackers. It’s mostly the World Championship tracks that I want fixed (that’s where all of my best times are) but anything that you do is great!
If you could fix the times on Straight Rhythm ‘16 that would be awesome too, because there are ALWAYS hack times on that and I’ve only seen the real world records once.

@THR_Birdshaw @THR_Platinawolf @JoeW723 can any of you do anything about this?




The correct place to send these complaints are support@turborilla.com .

We go through those and investigate the players mentioned. Please include specific track titles and usernames in the email.

I did run our cheat detecting program on the top 100 times saved so hopefully they are all gone now.

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Oh okay I didn’t know that. I just sent an email with a list of a few more that I found on some other tracks. (Mostly from Top Jams)

this happens idk how they do it