Getting faster times in MX2

If you are new to MX2 or not as fast as you want then this thread is for you. If you know ways to better your times please post here.

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I’ll give it a go.
The key is not so much the wheelie. The key is the scrub! Oc before you you can scrub you need to get on your back wheel, but trying to wheelie the whole run is likely to send you on your ass.
If you can’t wheelie then at least lean forward on pretty much every jump. This will suck some of the hight out of the jump and work as a “poor mans scrub”.
The last piece of advice propelled me from really struggeling to remain in div 1, to usually securing my div 1 spot within minutes of playing.

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From the top of my head.

  1. Buy premium weeks.
  2. No guts, no glory.
  3. Socialize.
  4. Grind like there was no tomorrow.


1. Race whoever you want including yourself, as much as you want, whenever you want.
This is the perfect way to pick up lines, moves etc from the top players. And racing your own personal record is a great way to spot flaws in your runs and work on them.
I know many guys who got much better, pretty quick, just from having the awesome features that come along with some premium weeks.
Myself included.

2. Try the “impossible”. Do you always fall on your ass when trying to wheelie over that specific gap? Well, try again!
Is the only way to get ahead of your opponent an insane backscrub that seems impossible to nail?
Well, just do it men! :slight_smile: Eventually you’ll nail it!
You got nothing to lose… No guts, no glory!

3. Hook up with some other players in the game, talk shit in Versus and try to beat them in Jam every week. Having a friend to race is never a bad thing :slight_smile:

4. You cant put in five attempts a day and expect a good Jam rank by thursday. You have to put hours and hours into this game to even come close to master it.
Get up on the backwheel on your way up to the jump, push forward and dive over the lip.
Its hard? Tell me about it… You always loop out? Been there done that… You hate this shit but love it at the same time? Hell yeah, now we’re talking! You will nail the scrub of your dreams eventually :smile:
Just grind, grind, grind! I can promise you it’ll pay of!

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I guess you could say my advice is step 1… From bad to good. @Kipketer’s is step two. From good to great!

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Oh, and another tip, check out @OnTheFrontLine every thursday as he live streams the new tracks on twitch, its a great way to get some pointers regarding both lines and techniques!


Either that, or i show a ton of people what NOT to do :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


This is so important.


I like watching @OnTheFrontLine because I get a sneak peak at some fast guy lines that I never realized possibro until watching.

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Yeah, he’s pretty good. Bit what would really help you, is to buy some premium. Every fast line in the World is at your fingertips and ready to race.

Premium is great, I went from having a best finish around 1800 before premium, to 400 after a few weeks of premium by just checking out fast lines and racing good competition

Sometimes It helps To scrub if you lean forward on face of the jump but also let off the gas right before you go off. Not always needed but helps out sometimes.

Like on this weeks jam track nowheresville 3 the first jump… I actually wheelie, lean forward, and tap the brake on face of the first jump.

Thats how I make most of my scrubs actually

I hear ya… but I finished in the top 200 last week (161) so I’m gonna just go get drunk and celebrate. :imp:


Can someone please tell me the control technique for consistently pegging the bike on its back wheel, at will throughout a run, like most all the top leader boards?

I’m able pull it off once in a while but not for an entire run. Most of the time the back wheel just bounces out from under me and other times it just completely ignores my attempts to adjust, either forwards to bust a scrub or backwards to get the wheel back up, even the clutch and brake are sketchy sometimes trying to get the front wheel down without losing speed or slamming it into an endo.

Is it a specific tap sequence, hold the arrow buttons in a certain spot and slide or ?

for me it is all about “feel” i guess. Hard to explain, but when i race, I constantly look at at my bike and use peripheral to view the track ahead. This allows me to ensure i have my bike at a perfect angle to stay on the back wheel and in my mind i know what angle i need to bike at to maintain the optimal speed vs control.

I hope that makes sense… Stop by one of my streams i do for the jam races each thursday at 3pm central at If you cant make it at that time, check out one of the replays :slight_smile:


I use to think it was all about leaning forward and backwards. But the more I played the more I realized how much using the throttle and letting off the throttle is needed.

On top of that it’s not always needed to always be pressing lean back lean forward. Sometimes not pressing any lean button momentarily is necessary.

It just takes practice. Every wheelie is different and it can use any combination of these techniques within seconds : )


yeah definitely. I also RARELY use the brake in this game unless i have to on a wall or spine jump. I strictly use nothing but momentum and gas 99% of the time

Hard to explain, but with much experience you kinda know/predict very fast when and how youre gonna fall or make a mistake. When there are little time to correct yourself up again, hold down the brake button in the air to flip faster forwards and correct yourself.
Just a small tip, hard to give you some exact tips, you mostly get good through experience.

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Honestly I could not understand it myself for a while, I thought everyone was a ninja haha. But with practice over time you will just gain a good feel for the bike and how you need to land and where to have it for the “sweet spot” also hit retry ALOT and just keep practicing and don’t be afraid to go big. No Fear!!! Good luck man


I’m one that taps the break quite a lot throughout a run, very rarely use the coast button though.