Game just started crashing immediately upon opening on ipad version 2. n

Worked yesterday (Feb 21 2019) and not today. Have hard rebooted ipad 3 times, reset all settings, deleted and re-installed game 3 times but it’s a no go. The game flashes “turborilla” then dissapears. If I double click home button, the “turborilla” splash screen is still showing with all other apps open but if I touch it, it immediatly closes again. But, it still shows as open if I click the home button. The ipad hasn’t been able to take updates since 9.*** but it still worked fine yesterday so I wouldn’t think software updates should be the issue. All other games and apps, including Mad skills BMX work fine. Any ideas??

Not sure what you mean by toaster? This ipad will not update past version 9.3.5 I have the game running on my ipad pro 2018 butI love to play it on my original ipad. I noticed the new icon with the cake as of yesterday. Hopefully you guys can make it work for all who don’t have the ability to update their version because of apples rediculous ability to make older devices unusable.

I dont mean anything by it haha i just posted a message from the devs here saying theyre working on a fix :grin:

:thinking: OK, got ya smart a$$ :grin: :+1: I can be slow on the uptake at times. I’m lucky to have the new ipad but would have been totally bummed if I didn’t. Really hope they fix it. :nerd_face:

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Fix is in the works, no ETA

Im just curious i play on android but also pla on ipad when do u guys think u will hav the update done by lov to know thx

Waiting for Apple to give the green-light… So… A couple of days more?