Game-Center got screwed

Even if I win any achievement, it doesn’t show on game-center anymore. Challenging friends through gamecenter is a very handy way, but if this thing not working, it’s very much dissapponting. Also profile pic in the game showing wrong pic, which is akward in front of people. Totally GameCenter got fully screwed. I wish tourborilla will try to fix this.


Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll have the team look into it. There have always been some known issues with Game Center. We use it mostly just to save your progress. If you log in with Game Center it will save your data so you can delete the game without losing everything.

Your profile picture may be wrong if you have logged in with multiple social media accounts. Are you also logged in with Twitter or Facebook? If so go to the settings menu and click the globe icon. From there you hit the arrows next to your picture to change it to one of your other social media profile pictures.