FXR Or Thor Outfits

When they gonna come back
any predictions

never, lol

idk soon hopefully

cuz i wantt one

i mainly want a thor
or a grey FXR Or Red THOR

Do you have any thor or FXR outfits

Yep, not all of them but a couple.

I mainly want fox gear

Fox gear
I never thought of that

I wish i was able to get a red mongoose agroid
I think that’s what its called
It looked pretty cool to wear
But i only got a navy blue/orange


Should died here


This trick can only happen 1% of the time
Or the hitboxes for the head are broken af


we should race against each other
send me a request


My name is HDR_Jasper

Dang i really had w eird day

Oi jasper you are really good a scrubbing