Friends Aren't Showing up on Leaderboards

so the last couple of days I added a lot if you guys on the game. (followed). so I haven’t played at all today but was gonna check the leader boards how yall doing. but none of you appear in my friend list on the leader board. Kipketer, rcboxer, sick1111, onthefrontline I follow them and their laptimes are faster as EZZA95B his laptime. yet they don’t appear on my list???
edit: when I look at the stats it say 18 of my friends actually put in time. when I scroll all the way down the list i get to 170 (18 put in a time 152 have not played yet)
but when I go to my profile it says I am following 234 people… so there’s 64 missing?

Are you logged in with Facebook and Twitter? I am only logged in with Twitter. I log into the others and see if that makes a difference.

just facebook. But that could be the problem, yet it shouldn’t be.
as you can see when I look to challenge a friend in versus you guys are all on my list but when I go to “your friend’s records” on the jam leaderboard none of you show on my list and I am a 100% sure yall should be in there.

as you can see from my versus stats I follow 233 people yet in the next shot I it shows when I look in my friends records on the leaderboard I only have 171 friends… means there’s 62 of my friends missing on that list. so they could be connected by twitter?

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Hi cREED22,

I’m on the dev team at Turborilla and might be able to shed som light on this. You are following 170 users. The number in your profile is unfortunately incorrect. We’re looking into that at the moment. Then secondly, on the friend leaderboard, there’s a hidden hard limit on 100 friends for whom you can see a race time. All friends above 100 will say “not played yet”, no matter if they played or not. Which 100 players you can see times for is kind of random. The best solution is to unfollow people so you only have at most 100 followings.



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Thank you peter for clearing this up. I actually started deleting some players yesterday since they are facebook friends but never play. I’ll make sure to get under the 100 see if it changes, and otherwise I will just wait for next weeks jam to see what happens.

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Please do report back and let us know if this resolves the issue for you, @cREED22. Thanks!

it is working now! deleted a lot of people, srry for the late reply