Fly Relapse Bug


Yeah It’s a Typo. It should have read 32.58. I belive they will fix it soon. In the meantime give me your username and I can Hook you up.


maddog2807 thanks man


Hey I’m Lennon and also know as NinjaCatGuy on MSMX2 I have beat the bruiser without rockets and then tried against the ace cause it wouldn’t give me the Relapse Gear and I tired and tried and I finally got the required time for it but it didn’t give me the gear and I didn’t use rockets


and also my friend ExxodOss , the guy with 32 seconds , has also not received it and I watched him get that time and we both are highly confused


The reason it did’nt unlock is the fact that there is a typo in the demands. The 34 should have been 32. But I have added the gear manually.


Omg you have made my day, your so nice


thank you so much u are so nice


Birdshaw nice?! I don’t think you guys know what you’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


/timeout THR Dutchman


Hey @THR_Birdshaw, I recently have been grinding out “slip and slide”, Got a time of 32.719, i have the same issue as everybody else up there --^. Tried restarting but it didnt work. My In game name is Yellowfin. Can you help me out please !?

Thank you




Hey guys, i’m having this same issue.

I finish the track in 33.286 but fly relapse didn’t unlock. Can you help me?

my ingame username: xbruxno


Having same issues as everyone else could you please sort this out for me please and thanks
User Name is: tini7


Meins ging auch nicht auf …
Mit einer zeit von 32.671 Sekunden.
Ich hab’s dann gekauft den Fly anzug.


Seems there is a new bug after the update the other day. Showing twice in the shop


me to.


I’m having the same issue with unlocking the gear


Are you running the latest update?


I just updated the app and its unlocked now. thank you for the reply and the help!