Fly Relapse Bug


Gold flags mean what?


It means that the track has been beaten… with or without rockets.


I see. Well, since I can no longer race Bruiser I guess there’s no point in trying to beat Ace either. Not even if I try 2000 times. Right? So, forget about it. Right?


What you could do is pick a time from the leaderboards that has 32.58 or under, then beat that and take a screenshot to show that you did actually beat the required time, i believe they can add the gear manually too


Like I said. Race anyone you like and get a sub 32.58 time and I will personally give you the gear.


Never mind. I will get it.


Actually I’m not sure if he were to pick time attack and race me (my time is juuuuuust within the requirement) and win, if the acheivement would drop. It meets the requirements of zero rockets, sub 32.58 and a win.


Racing your time now @Birdshaw.



My MSMX2 username is reidpensrock87 and I was wondering if I could please send you a screenshot of my time and you send me the achievement and gear. I did the same thing as Dwayne and I just wanted to ask before hand as I did not contribute to the conversation until now.



Yeah man. Sure.


Thanks! Not sure if I will be able to get it tho… thanks anyway👍


You are more than welcome to do it, but the parameters should be changed soon so it will be possible to achieve only by beating the set time without rockets


Can you fix the dress for me to?


Kill you app and check your garage


Thanks!! :slight_smile:


I beat it with 32.9 but can unlock the gear either. Any way you can reset this thing? Ive uninstalled the game and reset it i cant get it to work.


Beating it means beating the bruiser… He has a time of like 32.58 or something… That’s the time to beat :grinning:


Dutchman is right. 32.58 is the magic number.


Ah thank you. Alright i got it unlocked now


I am having the same issue i did not beat it but the requirement says to beat 34.58 time and i have i had a time of 33.325 seconds and it still says its locked please help me