Fly Relapse Bug


Oh, I see…
I beat “Bruiser” with rockets for the first time and “Ace” without rockets (LOSE - 0:32) and nothing unlocked…


Did you beat the Ace without rockets in the so called rocket mode?


My guess is that the problem was that he beat bruiser with rockets. Only beating Bruiser without rockets triggers the achievement, it seems. THEN he made a time that was .5 sec faster than Bruiser against the Ace and that does not trigger it. It should and I have a feeling @hyarion will fix that. Because the way I see it you have no way of getting the achievement once you’ve used rockets.


Beating ace without rockets should solve it as the current requirements are:

  • finish time <= 32.58
  • won = true
  • track = wc16-track-1
  • rockets used <= 0


Then what happened?:thinking:


And to add to that it does make the job very hard if you’ve once beaten Bruiser with rockets. I had a hardish time beating it. If you then have to beat the ace to get it, fugettobouit.
Is there any need for the win requirement?


@THR_Birdshaw I think there isn’t any need for win, because my time was 0:32:04 = Lose with Ace, Win with Bruiser…


as I mentioned above, the win condition will be removed in the next version




He beat a friend and not the ace or champion


You have this achievement

Otherwise the new suit will not be activated


I don’t know the bruiser first time so this might be a misunderstanding but I got a 32.874 and didn’t receive the gear because I finish the track before with rockets? I can’t beat the ace without rockets so I kinda need help. Thanks


I have also beat bruiser without rockets and it did not unlock. I haven’t been able to beat the Ace yet though.


You can’t beat ace. Even if you try 2000 times. It’s one of the WC finalists time. Beat 32.58 and I will give you the gear.


So that’s how it’s supposed to work? :confused:


No. Not at all. The “win” part will be removed


Thanks for doing this mate! You guys rock! :slight_smile:


32.684 is my best so far, but I will get it.


I feel that because it says “win” and I did that I should get the gear. Changing the rules mid stream or whatever just isn’t right. But, it’'s your world and I just play in it…


If your best time is 32.6 you could not possibly have beaten bruiser as he did 32,58.