Fly Relapse Bug


Hi, I just beat Slip and Slide without rockets (2nd best Time in my country) but Fly Relapse didn’t unlock…Is it​ some kind of glitch? Is there anybody with this problem?

Nickname: Mar_Tin


Restart the game and see if that helps.

Re-install the game otherwise


I just Re-install game but nothing changed…
Is there anything else what can I do?


What is your time?


0:32:040…It Is slow, isn’t it? :joy:


That’s plenty fast. I’ll look into it when I get the kids to sleep


Okay, thank you, mate!


Did you do it without rockets?


Here :wink:


Yep, without rockets, twice - before and after Re-install…


Try and kill your app and see if what I did helped. Otherwise we need a grownup.


Works fine for me, Its unlock!
Thank you so much man! :wink::smile:



That’s great man! Salud.


What exactly was the problem Birdshaw?


good second in your country


I don’t know why it did what it did, but I did was add the achievement manually. I simply copied it from my own list.




Thanks @THR_Birdshaw for helping out… again! :slight_smile:

@Martin_Salek did you lose when you got that score?
At the moment you need to win for it to count - it will be fixed to the next version so you just need to beat the time.


Nah, it’s ok now, @THR_Birdshaw help me and it’s ok now :grin:


I know it is ok. I’m interested in why it happen in the first place and from what I can see it should only happen if you get a good score but lost to someone else on the leaderboard