Finally I hit 125 followers! :D

I Hit 125 followers yay!


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When u hit almost more than 100 followers post it here idk

Nice XD

I hit 500 a few days ago!

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Oh nice bro





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159 is good :grin:


Con el tiempo y estando top 5 o menos se llega

Im old player I play since 2014

Iā€™m still working on 100 Iā€™m at like 70 something rn.

I started on March 19 0 21 in the game :smiley:

I hit 236 followers.

I only have 46 I started 7/20/20

Must be nice lol iā€™m almost 200

I hit 169 and my friend called me at 1:30 in the morning to make a joke about it lol

its just the WFO and the sick name to follow WFO up lol, no good times recently to back the amount of followers up lol (sarcasm Albert)

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