Favorite cookies around Christmas 🎄


Dude… I’m Birdshaw… it’s what I do.
And actually I did learn the yeast trick when studying to become a natural science teacher.


Yes you are, and it worked, so thanks again :+1::smiley:


And here is why it worked. Osmosis. Water likes equilibrium. When the salt hits the yeast the water inside it finds out that there is more water on the inside than the outside. This pisses off the water more than Joe bumps™ pisses off the bird. So it goes “fuck this shit, Im outta here!” This continues untill there is as much water on the outside of the yeast cells as there is on the inside. In this case that’s when everything is liquid.


Thx for breaking it down it madskills terms, totally makes since😂


Wtf @THR_Birdshaw what did you do to this fellars name here huh? Lol.


The squid thing? He asked me to.


Oh… Nevermind then haha.


You made me look up lol. Yea i wanted squid, if its amything other than squid then we have a problem :joy: