Favorite cookies around Christmas 🎄


I’m a huge fan of cookies and cakes around Christmas. I bake everything myself. And my kids are crazy about it all.
Their and my favorite cookies is chocolate chip cookies.
How do you “Guys” prepare for Christmas? Baking yourself? What’s your favorite cookies and cakes?
Please upload pics of your creations. Even recipe


First batch chocolate chip cookies for Christmas.
I recon I’m gonna need to bake an other batch before Christmas is here :christmas_tree: :sweat_smile:


My wife makes killer brownies. Havnt got a pic because theyre pretty much demolished once they come out the oven :joy:


Maybe you can throw up a recipe? :smiley: I’m gonna make brownies to and it would be cool to see if anyone else has different recipes. :blush:


Yup il get it for ya bud. Just deduct the happy green stuff if ur gunna feed it to ur kids :joy:


LOL :joy: will do hahaha :sweat_smile: thanks :+1:


Weed cookies.


My mom makes some bomb ass cinnamon rolls around Christmas. And prailines. I lost this time of year just because I those.

And my mom has a cookie recipe my great aunt spent years perfecting. They’re oatmeal cinnamon pecan and they’re the best fucking cookies you’ll ever eat. Haha


Sounds like some great stuff :smiley: post recipe .
Those cinnamon rolls. Are they buns? I mean like Swedish cinnamon buns? Made of Wheat flour.


Honestly no idea. She makes the dough, rolls it flat, puts butter and cinnamon on it and rolls it up and cuts it into disks.

And she won’t give me the recipes. :joy:


You must convince her to share the secret!!


It sounds like a normal Swedish cinnamon bun but there’s also sugar with the cinnamon and butter. :blush:


A normal Swedish cinnamon bun:
Melt 250g butter
Add 0.5 liters of milk mix in 2teaspoons of cinnamon and 1teaspoon of vanilla sugar. Heat up to about body temperature. If to hot the dough won’t rise as it should.
Mush 50g of yeast for sweet doughs in a big bowl.
Add 1/4 of the butter milk and 1dl sugar and stir till the yeast is blended.
Add 1teaspoon salt and the rest of the butter milk.
Now blend that with about 1.2 liters of wheat flour until it lets go of the edges of the bowl.
Let it rise under a cloth in the bowl for half an hour.
Take out the Dow on a floured table and start to work the doe with your hands, mix in about 2-3 dl of wheat flour until it’s not sticky. And when u press a finger lightly to the doe it immediately rises back.
Now! Take a roll and roll out half of the doe about 3-5 mm thin into a square or rectangular shape.
Spread approximately 150g of room temperature butter evenly over the rolled out doe then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar evenly over it and roll it up into a long sausage.
Cut 1.5cm wide discs and lay down with cut side up in bun paper on a baking plate.
Let rise under a cloth for another half an hour.
Whip 2 eggs and brush every bun with the whipped egg and then sprinkle pearl sugar (don’t know if u have that in the USA) over every bun.
Bake in the middle of the oven for 7-10 min in 250 degrees Celsius (don’t know the Fahrenheit for it).
Pour a glass of cold milk and get ready to eat :blush::smiley:
Enjoy! :smiley:


Don’t melt the butter, use butter that is about room temperature… and do not heat up the milk, it will give ju tastier buns :sunglasses:
Sure it will take longer time but the buns will be better :slight_smile:


Ok. I know that but how do u blend the yeast if you don’t have warm fluid? And how long do u have to wait for the dough to rise?


Yeast can easily be melted at room temperature. Crumple it in the empty bowl as the first thing you do. Then add the sugar and salt. Within a minute or so the yeast will melt completely. It’s like watching a Magic trick.


Thank you papa bear (d) I will try that definitely :smiley::+1:


Does unbaked ginger bread dough count? xD


Hell Yeah :joy: if you’re in to that :+1::smiley:


Well aren’t you the chemistry professor :sweat_smile: the salt did the trick with the yeast :smiley: and the buns turned out just greater then ever :blush:thanks!