Fake win streaks

First of all Gday guys.

I have a question about win streaks in VS. I received a VS challange by someone (a good player) he won the first 4 races then I beat his next time he submitted to me, and next thing he deletes my challenge. So I take a look at his profile and he is on a win streak of 2200+ with 11 losses and me beating his time hasnt stopped his streak so Im thinking if you delete the challenge before you go into it it keeps your “win streak” alive. Might be worth looking into?

Other than that awesome game :+1:

Cheers Mick


I have noticed this bruh I think the win streak dosnt count for the races you send to people and if they beat you I think its about if you beat them when they send you a time on a track but I have noticed this before, didn’t know if it was a bug or just a certain way it works idk

Just don’t pay no attition to these people. They can do What ever but they arnt getting any better


@THR_KingT72 well said man u have to put in the work to get better in game and real life!

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Its all good. :+1: