Exchance My Name Please


I Want To Change My Name From MarcosMitoS7 To Markin_C-Mx Because I Joined A Team In My City @THR_Birdshaw


lock? @THR_Birdshaw


@THR_Birdshaw ?


Cant find you. Is that name MarcosMitoS7 correct?


Markin_C-M should be it @THR_Birdshaw. Looked up his support ticket.


@THR_Birdshaw Mano é Markin_C-Mx Você Colocou Markin_C-M Faltou o x No Final


@THR_Birdshaw Colocou Errado Mano Era Markin_C-Mx Você Colocou Markin_C-M Sem o x No Final Conserta Pfv


@THR_Birdshaw ???


Dude, I’m still not sure what to change it to…


He says you missed the x at the end. Supposed to be Markin_C-Mx and currently is Markin_C-M


Oh Ive corrected that ages ago


I would like to change my name from marmitewarrior to N4KI_lilbenno please @THR_Birdshaw


@THR_Birdshaw can you please change my name from WFO_Cole222 to WFO_COLE2NZ