Ever thought about a wheelie contest?

Ive been thinking about this for a while now. Have you guys ever thought about addIng a wheelie contest as a game mode? Do any of you players think this would be fun? I was thinking 2 categories would be cool 1. Longest distance wheelie, 2. Longest time doing a wheelie. It could be either a flat track, or have some small obstacles like rolling whoops, random singles, small doubles etc. It could add some spice to the game for sure, and give us a fun break from racing our balls off haha. I guess the scoring could be similar to jam! I guess the difficult part would be that it would have to be an infinite track to provide enough length for the longest wheelie.


I’ve thought of similar things before actually.
I love the idea but I dont know whats doable or not.

Probably some of the programmers sees this and give us some answers :slight_smile:


small tracks, laptime only counts if your front wheel didn’t touch the ground. 1 vs 1 like in versus

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Yeah… Good idea, add some hundredth when you touch.

Kinda like the way horse jumping contests are made up :slight_smile:

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We have thought about this, and about step-up (high jump) competitions as well. I feel like these types of things might make for cool, occasional daily challenges, or something like that. I don’t think they’ll happen in MSM2 at this point, but it’s possible they could happen in our next MX game.


Yes that would be awesome for MSM3!

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I also thought a cool mode would be Bike # 1 only races. They do it in cash play, and it is a blast! Would love to have it in weekly jams or another mode just for fun.