Esports Tournament Problems

Hello, I’ve recently discovered the cash jams/esports tournament portion of this game and decided to start trying to make some money off it. Once I had about $30 made, I decided to deposit $10, then withdraw the 30 I had earned. I did this about a week ago and I still haven’t gotten my money. On top of that, I went into cash jams to play some more and it gave me an error message then told me I didn’t have enough rights? I did some research on this error and apparently it means i’m cheating or have 2 accounts. I am not cheating and I do not have 2 accounts. This is my first and only account I’ve used. I don’t see the problem here.

and big big problem, this is so bad
i player from Indonesia and i can’t play The Cash Jams/Esport Tournament
anyone have solution for my problem? :frowning:

You can do it.

What can i do? What email i must sent??

this email. friend

Hello, I can’t withdraw my cash , I don’t understand …

As mentioned above, the correct place to ask is .

They are a bit swamped at the moment causing delays.

on my computer on msm2 It does not show an esport why is that

I player from colorado cant play esports tournament its just not showing up


Android is not Supported. At all!

We have no support for computers, running the game in an iPhone emulator or running it in Android Emulators.