Esports Tournament Problems

Hello, I’ve recently discovered the cash jams/esports tournament portion of this game and decided to start trying to make some money off it. Once I had about $30 made, I decided to deposit $10, then withdraw the 30 I had earned. I did this about a week ago and I still haven’t gotten my money. On top of that, I went into cash jams to play some more and it gave me an error message then told me I didn’t have enough rights? I did some research on this error and apparently it means i’m cheating or have 2 accounts. I am not cheating and I do not have 2 accounts. This is my first and only account I’ve used. I don’t see the problem here.

and big big problem, this is so bad
i player from Indonesia and i can’t play The Cash Jams/Esport Tournament
anyone have solution for my problem? :frowning:

You can do it.

What can i do? What email i must sent??

this email. friend