Esport account blocked

Hi all,

Let me introduce myself, Nicox, im playing since few years and maybe 2 years at the esport part, but 2 days ago, my account has been blocked, don’t really know why, i already asked on the Gloot support but they don’t repply really fast (i dont blame theim, they must be busy) so i ask here if someone can give me some answers.

They repply in a first mail :

The in-game performance on your account has been associated with another player in our service and/or been flagged for playing on additional accounts. For this reason, our compliance team has now put a soft block on your account. This is the reasoning behind you not having enough rights to play in our service.

Our service is limited to one player per account and one account per player, as stated in our terms and conditions.
We need to know who is playing on each separate account in our service, and to exclude any possible duplicates or instances where other players use any other account than their own original account.

In cases where we have reason to believe that a user plays on another account than their own first created/original Esports Tournaments account, our compliance team will temporarily block the account. Once blocked, we have a few ways to proceed before unlocking the account again

and then i received this mail :

We have received your withdrawal for 500 EURO however we cannot send it out because you have not passed the KYC verification process.

KYC process should come before you enter your payment method. During this process, you have to confirm your identity using your identification document.

We require KYC process to be passed in order to assure the security of the transactions.

You are not asked to pass the KYC when you are using your mobile device, therefore, you will have to redo the withdrawal process using your laptop or PC with an installed web camera.

Please make sure to pass the KYC check with your next withdrawal attempt. Your withdrawal has been returned to your GLL wallet. Let us know if you will have any questions about this.

So if someone can help me to have my account back or help me to understand what’s the problem.

Thank you

Sorry for my english

Deciding who gets to play cash games and who doesn’t is entirely G:Loot. Turborilla only supplies the platform, so it’s not a lot we can do.

The reply you’ve gotten is mos def a standard email. I have had at look at your profile and to me it looks solid with no red flags. So the only thing that springs to mind is if you have purposely dropped divisions to earn more money. Did you do that? If that is the case G:Loot will usually issue short term bans.
That’s about all anyone at Turborilla can give you.

To be honest i stopped few months to play, and when i came back i was in platinium division, i tried to stay at this level yes.

Thank you for your answer