Einkauf nicht bekommen Einkauf nicht bekommen Einkauf

Habe meinen Einkauf nicht bekommen

Send an email to Support@turborilla.com , include the receipt from Apple/Google as well as your ingame username.


Nicht das elektro bike die Premium Version von dem jam hat 10,00€ gekostet


First and only warning for spam.

You’ve gotten a response from the support. We need the receipt to be able to restore the purchase.

The receipt contains a bit of text that starts with GPA. followed by a bunch of numbers. We need that bit of text.

With regards,

Quitting: 10,00€

Mir wurde gesagt geschrieben:
Hallo TM_ecke02 bitte wenden sie sich an den forum von turborilla und der Betrag lautet 10,00€

Show a receipt and we’ll add it as soon as we see it.

The electric bike should automatically add itself when you start the game if you made the purchase with the same Google account that you are currently logged in to on your phone.

OK danke


I can’t do anything without the order ID from your receipt.

It has this format:

If you have any other Google account, you can send that over via the support and I can check if that has any purchases attached.

Was meinen Sie mit guittung

An email from Googleplay-noreply@google.com that thanks you about your purchase, gives you an Order Number (GPA.XXXX… ) then an order date and then a breakdown of the items you’ve bought and their cost.