E-Sports Money Withdrawals

Does anybody know if the e sports part of the game is legit, i won over $1000 but I’m not really sure if i trust putting in my credit card

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It’s VERY legit. You will probably have to supply proof of identity with a withdrawal like that. But you can trust them for sure

Alright thank you

holy man, good stuff i wish i was making money like that

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I wish I could participate but I have no tournaments … Is this normal?

even my cousins ​​have it!

Are you on android? If so android doesnt allow cash games, if youre on ios but still dont see them you might be in a region that doesnt allow it

Ah OK! I’m under Androïd … suddenly it would be nice to have it too, because it’s a shame

Yeah sometimes the tab just disappears for me too. Dunno why but it comes back eventually