Domination bonus

I just beat a player on my first attempt and still have 1:32 remaining on the clock, but there’s no options to post a better time and bank a potential domination bonus. This sucks. I mean if someone beats me, I want to know if it was a lameoid first attempt or if it was the best time they could post in 2 minutes. C’mom stop sugar coating times and robbing the domination bonus


I’ve thought about this before too… But only because of the versus topic so you can try to set fast times in those races too… I think i speak for a lot of people when i say i couldn’t care less about a bit of bonus… Just racing for the win is enough for me


Yeah I noticed this too it kinda sucks


Don’t bother me, bc once you get in all star lvls it makes no difference. And if you builing up to lvl 70, as long as you won you get a good amount

I’m an all-star level so I don’t care what I get as long as I win.

I’m level 70/28, and I still want it; I’d probably be 70/50 by now if it was in the game.

I mean you do get 2 mins to set a time, so why not have 2 mins to beat a time.

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i agree with all of this!

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Pack of submissive beta males that don’t want to dominate! It’s a competive game, get a competitor Edge!
I want two mins to lay down my best time, and I want 500xp for every race I dominate. I also want 500xp for every race I’ve won with a min left on the clock I reckon that’s half my wins and equals 200,000 points. Meet my demands!! :triumph::angry:

Don’t like the game don’t play it. They don’t have to have to meet your commands, they made it They choose what to do. One thing doesn’t affect the game, its still great overall

Hahahahaha * gasps for air * hahahaha calm down man :joy: it’s a fucking mobile app no need to get all fed up about the competitive side of that :joy: now be glad they made this game and gave you the opportunity to even earn xp at all :grinning:


For every action theres an equal and opposite reaction. For every 2 minutes set, there needs to be 2 minutes to bet.

You’re throwing out the balance of the multiverse, and you will feel its wraaaaaattthhh!!!

On a serious note, if you can loose by an unlimited margin, you need to be able to win by unlimited margin! Especially if theres a Domination bonus incentive up for grabs.

Your skimming is totally parallel with the fractional reserve banking system and robs gamers of their rightful domination bonus!

You think the game is theirs? It’s nothing without us!

Give us our bonus!

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It does. If you beat them by so much you get domination bonus. So like you said they lose by alot you win alot


If you win by 0.01 on your first attempt and have 1:32 time remaining, you deserve to be able to use the remaining time to post a better time and get the domination bonus.

Your opponent had 2 minutes to set a time for you to beat, so you deserve 2 minuets to beat it! Otherwise you’re potentially being ripped off 500xp for every race you would have otherwise dominated. But the game didn’t give you the chance because it banked your first win.

Don’t fight this I’m trying to up your XP


Now I get what your saying and yea i agree. They had the full 2 minutes 2 set a time yet you don’t get the full 2 minutes if you beat them with time remaining

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Yeah Dude! You got it!

Hey @THR_Birdshaw

Can we get this done? It makes rock solid sense!

What are you trying to achieve though? Is a fucking virtual versus level really worth all this effort? Personally i couldn’t care less about that xp and i think with bmx 2 upcoming there’s probably a million ways the turborilla crew is spending their time a lot more useful than bringing out an update to “meet your demands”

Not saying you don’t have a point though cause it would be nice to have this for people that do care about xp but just the way you’re bringing it with stuff about throwing off the balance of a multiverse don’t you think that’s overreacting a bit :thinking:

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Not at all, this anomaly is causing ripples in the cosmos and it needs to be rectified

I think your claim that you would be at a higher level by now is invalid. If it took you 30 seconds to get close to maximum XP, you might spend the remaining 90 seconds or more to add that additional minimal amount for the domination bonus. In that same 90 seconds, you could potentially go and race someone else and earn way more XP than if you got your domination bonus. That being said though, I do agree that it would be nice to have the option. Whether you want the dom bonus or just want more play time on that particular track.