Do not have enough rights?

I have been playing this game for over a week online for cash, randomly got this message when logging on today, any Ideas? I’m from England


That means you are suspended. You are not playing on your main profile and if I were to guess, it’s not your first stab at cash games. Big nono

I only have one account, everytime I try to log back in it will not let me

Why would it suspend me, It just randomly appeared yesterday and I only have one account, is there something you can do wrong?



I have never played cash jam until exactly a week ago, a had the game momentarily about 3 years ago and recently downloaded it at the beginning of this year, I had to earn all my bikes again, is it possible I’ve created 2 separate accounts and that is the problem? I can’t remember what account I used 3 years ago, and I know if they suspect you using 2 accounts that’s a big no no

That’s something you need to tell G:Loot.
Playing on a second turborilla account is not forbidden. It does, however, make you look like the hundreds of people who have started over once they get their asses handed to them in Diamond

Oh really haha, yes I’ve noticed it getting harder, sticking to the 1v1’s where even the really good guys can mess up

I’ve messaged them, thanks for your help!

I’m sorry guys changed to WFO

Hahahaha. Off topic much😀

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