Different classes in Jam & versus

as you all know I been very active on the game these last couple of weeks. Super excited about what is coming and having a little insight in the game. So I been reading on facebook, comments on youtube video’s and also talking to people I know from riding. There’s one thing I just see a lot. New players think it takes way to long before they have the good bikes and are finally able to compete. like you just start playing did some career get to maybe bike 5 or so well, let’s give versus a shot & the jam and you get completely destroyed and the ghosts you ride against are not even useful you simply can’t learn from them since you bike isn’t capable of doing what they do. also I asked a lot of my friends to start playing again and they be like ill have to do this and this to get the better bikes gonna take a while.

My idea was to have different classes in the jam.
Have the overall Rankings as we already know them. but also have rankings for dif bikes. your division will still be determent by your overall ranking. and when you play a random opponent it be nice if he’s on the same bike as you are so you can learn from it and also get to learn your own strong points. everybody will still work towards the fastest bikes but the way to it will be a lot more enjoyable. and I’d get on bike 7 8 or 9 to see how I stack up against m every once in a while.
bike 1-3 leaderboards
bike 4-6 leaderboards
bike 7 leaderboards
bike 8 leaderboards
bike 9 leaderboards
bike 10 leaderboards
overall leaderboards

and for versus Simply if you search for a random opponent give the option to search for random opponent with bike 4 search random opponent for bike 8 search for random opponent bike 10.

I think this could encourage new players to keep playing the game and could encourage others to get back in to the game. is this all 2 much, or crazy? or maybe some good things in here? prolly a lot of work 2…

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I’ve always thought that would be fun for Jam. It would be fun competing with to other bikes even if you already have bike 10.

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I allready spend about 18 times more time on this game than my wife thinks os cool. You know how much extra time that would claim? Are you trying to get me devorced? :slight_smile:

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That sounds like a great idea, I have friends that are the same way. I tell them to start playing again but they haven’t even played versus at all and have to level up.

I would totally get on some slow bikes again if their were leaderboards to break it down by which bike.

I’d get on a slower bike so I wouldn’t have to deal with @Master52.


Here’s my take on the subject… I started playing about three months ago and it took me about a month and a half to work my way up to bike 10. I spent no money and currently have a win loss record of 1200 wins to 700 losses. I am division 2 and among the top 120 in Oregon. I think people are lazy and want something without having to earn it. I earned mine and was happy to do so. Just saying… Peace.

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I hear ya. Way too much work and the game is AWESOME the way it is. I earned my upgrades and never bought a thing. It didn’t take that long. People just want to be fast right off the get go. I say let em play and learn. I did and am still at it. Can’t get enough!

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