Difference in game play speed

Is it just me or are others experiencing that the game play speed is different from time to time? Sometimes it feels as if Im on an Africa Twin while playing, other times Im on a sx150. My opponent are running the same slomo speed.
If so, is it device lag, server load or just severe brain damage caused by repeating the same f#§%&g mistake 1000 attempts in a row?


I feel that aswell. I do, however, think it’s all in the mind and how fast your noggin is working at the time

Ah, brain damage it is then. Sounds about right.

What I know is… most of all fastest times and WR’s are made with iPhone or ipad (mac), and Android sucks!! :frowning: ??? …

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I have noticed this as well and was wondering the same thing. Although I do play on an iPhone 6s Plus, I get a lot of frame rate stuttering from time to time. It also seems to me that the game responds to controls input sometimes better than others and I get a lot of looped out starts while holding the forward button the entire time.

From what I can tell, it is network lag. The reason I say this is because I started turning off my wifi/data when playing on Jam and it runs way way smoother for a consistent time period. When I am connected, I get random lags and stuttering. Worth a try, worked for me.

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The stuttering is def network lag, I think it happens when qued background data is sent/recived.
Sometimes it gets really bad and then it stops and I get an email notification or something like that.

I’ve been getting really annoyed at the bad framerates on my iPhone, its done it for several generations of iPhone and its not a hardware issue. It’s almost like it has a memory leak or something, when you go into play a new jam the framerate is fast and smooth, but after a few laps it starts stuttering. If you back out and go right back into the map it will be smooth again for a few laps. Also resetting the map quickly several times seems to induce the frame rate issue, if you reset then pause for a second or two before starting your lap you can go for a longer period of time with good performance.

It is not a network issue, when you are racing a jam the ghost you are racing are stored in memory and you are only transmitting data once you complete your lap to sync with the server.

A framerate counter that you could enable would really help troubleshoot to see what may be causing it.

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