Den OFFICIELLE Jam Uge #167 Diskussion


Så er det blevet torsdag igen og det er tid til en ny Jamrunde.
Banerne er Doghouse af @JoeW723 og Flat Tire af @rcboxer.
Giv den gas!


HAAHAHA! Som en blixt från klar himmel! xD


147 tries in and doing well





Pretty fast company!


Meh… Chy and I aint fast😀


I wish it showed time spent on a track as well as attempts because I’ve dropped the ball on the second lap of flat tire about 500 of my 800 attempts. :joy:


True, any Jam that I ain’t 2 secs faster, I performed no well


If you sub Sith for whoops I think you catch my drift.


:joy: they are tough huh lol


In my opinion, if you are division 1, in the top 10% globally, you’re pretty fast…


Ive set a new standard for myself how to deal with joewhoops™ in the future :smile: this is against zse, he did catch up eventually… :sunglasses:


@Zachari_Elmes are you human?:joy: That first lap on dog house ur front wheel hit the floor once​:+1::+1: good work


I’ve been asking him that in justins stream too :joy: after like a million times i finally forced out of him that he was a time traveling robot sent from the future to ruin our hopes and dreams of ever winning a jam round :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Are you sure you really want to know how much time you’ve wasted on this game? :wink:


Months. :sweat_smile:


@THR_VonKasta the whoop master holy shit man


Nice job… I gotta learn that trick…


Hah yeah thats after 1k attempts, I can pretty much guarantee it would take much more than that to repeat it :smile:
Too bad I didnt have your scrub skills the rest of the lap, that could have been something