Deleting challenges to pad win loss record

Players are deleting challenges to build win loss record… braapmaster3000… is one of them so, dont challenge him. Support??? Can this be prevented???

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Why prevent it?
This has been up before and I think the conclusion was that if players want to do like this, then so be it. It’s a bit silly but… Yeah.

Not that much of a problem if you ask me

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I see your point and agree. They just make themselves look like something they aren’t. It would be cool if they couldnt get any challenges thiygh and their false undefeated record would come to a stop… Or their bike could implode cuz it runs on false pride!!! Hahahaha!

Yeah I’ll run that by the devs, hang tight

Does this effect their W/L in their profile or just the one you see on the challenge card with that specific player?


I feel like it shouldn’t change the W/L on their profile though. That’s weird.

Yeah. It effects both…

I’ll report it to the devs. Not sure if they will want to fix it though.

It really makes no difference to those of us who play regularly, I suppose. At least for me, I just don’t play them again. When they can no longer get a challenge they will have nothing but their fake win/loss record.