Deleting a challenge in Versus mode

Hello, I have raised this issue on twitter but I would like to know your opinion.

English is not my mother tongue, so I will try to explain the problem with versus mode the best I can.

The game is amazing! I play a lot of Versus and Jam every day. I cleared Career Mode 100% and informed you of errors in the game a few months ago.

With the new Versus update I came back to play very actively.
You added the new stats and that’s great! :smiley: Thanks!

But I have noticed that there is a problem with the statistics when a player delete a challenge.

Let me give you an example of the problem:

I start a new challenge, I record my race doing the best I can in two minutes and I send a challenge to a random player.
The random player starts his challenge and cannot beat me. He closes the game, starts again and remove the challenge.

When I enter the game again it tells me that the other player deleted the challenge.

After that on my stats I’ll take the same amount of win races and the other player with the same number of missed races.

I think that is wrong and I will explain:

I think that removing a challenge, the game should see the player did a better time or not and adding a missing their stats.

It happens very often that a challenge random start and then I entering the game again to see the other person deleted it (I play well and this happens to me very often!)

So many players delete my challenge, and I dont win anything from the many race I play.

Then, I have another reason to explain why it’s wrong that the stats on the challenges doesnt get deleted:

I am 121 race winning streak, start a new challenge to a random player and send my time.

When that player puts me to a challenge, I see if I won or lost the challenge before “collect points” . So if I see that I lost the challenge (because the challenge says: I won 0 - Them 1) I can delete the challenge and not lose my 80-race winning streak. :wink:

Well, I hope I was able to explain well.
If you do not understand something let me know and I’ll try to explain otherwise.

What do you think about this?



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good point, bothers me as well.
I’d like to see them losses just count once challenge is taken, there should be no way back.
but for me there’s one catch then I’d like to be able to delete older unanswered challenges.
some time ago I challenged all the top players of my country now it happened a couple of times they only just answer my challenge now. pretty unfair considering I was at bike 8 back then and they racing me with bike 10.

I agree with what you’re saying. Once a player accepts a challenge and begins the race it should go in the stats win, lose or dnf. It’s part of the game and cheating to pad your stats looks impressive but those who do that know they are cheating and the truth is THEY SUCK!! LOL