De Officiële Jam Week #168 Discussie


Het is weer zover! De nieuwe jam week is begonnen! De tracks zijn gemaakt door @JoeW723 en @OnTheFrontLine en heten Slop City en El Sueno.
Nou allemaal naar de tracks en racen maddafakkas!!!


I’ll start the screenshots​:facepunch::facepunch:


I thought you might :joy:


Finished with onthefrontlines track! At least for now.:grin:

My goal was getting under 55.0 :grin::+1:


back to business :grinning:
@OnTheFrontLine @JoeW723 tracks are amazing, a ton of fun. Great job guys :beer::+1:


Cmon! You’re not even first in Norway! Get your head out of your ass!


@THR_Birdshaw yeah right, about that :sweat_smile:
i don’t care man and pretty happy where i am, hanging with my team mate @THR_BLISSY52 :beers::grin:

while waiting for the rest to get their heads atta their asses and join us already @THR_Dutchman @Tassierider :grinning:


Here ya go! :grinning: only like 300 and 200 attempts as well :ok_hand:


Sorry mate Iv just taken that from u​:joy::joy::+1:


God daym guys, dafaq happened in the last 3 weeks. shit is on FIRE :fearful:
Great runs :clap::+1:


I’ll get you later :grinning: still need to shave a lot off on the second track… So don’t improve too much that would make it harder :joy:


THR is on fire lately.


@THR_BLISSY52 told you i would get ya! :grinning:


@THR_BLISSY52 @THR_Dutchman - Sorry guys but you’ve both been bumped.


@THR_Dutchman @THR_LorkyMX2 sorry boys you got work to do!!


That was quick @THR_LorkyMX2 u done me already


@THR_BLISSY52 @THR_Dutchman Sorry Blissy but you’ve been bumped again.


Yeah lol I just did that and you just wrote this while I was uploading photos, I need to work on that 1st track again, I’m 2nd overall on 2nd so pretty happy there.


We just both need to make sure we beat Dutchman, his head is getting big.


Haha i doubt I’ll get you guys this week but i will go down fighting :joy: i think you have quite a few more attempts in though so maybe i will catch you :grinning: