Dakar! All about the great adventure race!

So, yesterday started the (for me) best motor sport race of all, the dakar. A new version in south america!!

I’m opening this thread so all who eants can come by and talk, discuss, and whatever you want to, about it…

I’ve been waiting more than 20 years to be able to experience it from close, look the cars and bikes from near and all that. Specially now thqt they run in southamerica. But for some reason or another, i couldn’t go to the previous versions despite the last couple ones passed close to my home.
And this year that it comes to my hometown and even will spend the rest day ther, i had to fly to chile, and am missing it again :sob::sob::sob:

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Stage 1 Summary - Car/Bike - - Dakar 2017


Dude that’s an awesome thread! I’ve always loved that race but the coverage sucks. Keep posting those videos!

I agree they have poor coverage. To bad too it looks like a beautiful place.

Stage 2 Summary - Car/Bike - (Resistencia / San Miguel de Tucumán) - Dakar 2017

Stage 1 & 2 Summary - Quad/Truck - (Resistencia / San Miguel de Tucumán) - Dakar 2017

Yes, broadcasting of the rally is quite poor. Fox sports latinamerica do some good programms, also ladakariana.cl do some really good broadcasting (but obly radio and in spanish).

Last editions, bolivian public television broadcasted live the stages in bolivian territory, not good quality broadcasting but still one could see some stuff, if they broadcast it this year i’ll try to put here the link of its online straming.

Now I’ve heard they may pass just in front of my bedroom on their way to the rest day bivoac!!! But still i’m going to miss it :sob:

Bolivia may not have the best tv, but here you can follow live the dakar (its in spanish)

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Stage 3 Summary - Car/Bike - (San Miguel de Tucumán / San Salvador de Jujuy) - Dakar 2017

Stage 4 Summary - Car/Bike - (San Salvador de Jujuy / Tupiza) - Dakar 2017

Stage 3 & 4 Summary - Quad/Truck - Dakar 2017

Stage 5 Summary - Car/Bike - (Tupiza / Oruro) - Dakar 2017

Étape 5 - Top moment - (Tupiza / Oruro) - Dakar 2017

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A sort of necroposting…

Tomorrow starts a new edition. This time it also rest in my city, and (hopefully) I’ll be able to assist to the route in one stage :crossed_fingers:

Let’s see what it brings this time… This year no paper maps for when they get lost in stages, it can bring lot of complication to the riders!!!

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