Customization Settings?

How about the ability to do the following

A pro mod to give more control over bike setup

1- Change the Mapping of the Engine
2- Change Gearing front and rear
3- Adjust the front and rear shocks

  • Spring Rates
  • Compression Settings - 24 clicks
  • Rebound Settings -24 clicks
    4- Holeshot button


Thoughts, well its not a mx simulator its a game. The casual user will not have the knowledge nor interest in fine tuning all life like settings.
I do think there will be more customization options in msmx3 tho and I welcome that.

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I think that it should be there as a PRO mode option. It not going to be that radical of effects but enough to notice the changes. Like being able to run a stiffer fork setting?

Also forgot…tapping the rear brake in the air does nothing. Having that option would be great also

How does tapping the brake do nothing?! Try swiping your finger back and forth between gas and brake in a jump and lean forward at the same time… You’ll start flipping forwards like crazy… Fast enough to swing the rider of the bike actually :grinning:

I speaking from actual riding experience…a brake tap offers a lot of advantages. Just tapping the brake should drop the front end…right now it does nothing.

Panic rev should drop the back end slightly and brake tapping should drop the front…the leaning is just for extreme

Don’t know if you actually race or not…

I don’t actually race but i just told you tapping the brake in mid air DOES actually drop the front end… And if you’re gonna be stubborn about it… @Bragstad brakes in mid air all the time and he won the championship so he probably knows better what it does than anyone… If you won’t believe me ask him instead :expressionless:

sounds like you want a simulator, have you tried ?

btw, tapping brake does drop the front end, accelerating does not drop the back though IIRC, hence the feature/(bug?) @THR_Dutchman mentioned

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I wouldn’t consider it a bug… It’s a pretty handy feature to save runs sometimes :slight_smile:️