Customizable screen buttons

I don’t know why this never occurred to me as an idea before, but it would be really awesome if we could customize the layout of the screen buttons for in-game play. I’ve always been a galaxy s# owner and player, my s7 edge had the arrows in the bottom left away from the corner and a little bigger. My friend has always had iphones and his buttons were smaller and close to the corner, it was pretty difficult for me to play on this setup. My newer phone, a galaxy s8, has the buttons in the corner and small like the iphone setup I had played on. If I had the option to go in and manually move and resize the buttons that would make the game a LOT more comfortable and player friendly across all devices as you could set it up the way that feels most comfortable per user.

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I haven’t screamed loudly but I wanted that feature for about seven years…

That would actually be cool…

I would concur with this - it appears MSM3 has the ability to move the buttons around.

In the latest public version of MSM2, the “Reset” or “Restart” button has been moved from the right-MIDDLE part of the screen to the right-TOP and it takes much more effort to reach to that area of the phone. Not sure the decision behind this, but I thought it was perfectly placed in the right-MIDDLE. It’s within reach using your thumb without having to adjust your whole hand or move your phone.


My restart button is in the same place. It’s wasn’t moved for me

I think it was just on the iPad

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Oh ok

do you play on iphone or ipad? @WFO_SonicSpeed

A bit of both. Most of my times I play on an iPad Mini but I use a phone occasionally.

same here, the only thing is my ipad cant get the newest update so i play DD on my phone and VS and jam on my ipad :joy:

It’s the same for me!

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My button is on the top right now and I play on phone