Current version for android?

Ok guys, my friend and I both have premium. Both our apps are up to date, at least as far as Google play is concerned. The version on my phone is 2.4.5. The version on his is 2.4.0. The only difference we noticed is when I review someone elses run, I can see my bike along with the guy I am watching, kind of cool to see where I can make time. But my friend cannot, he only sees one bike, that of the guy he is reviewing. Is there a reason for this?

If it’s not showing up that there’s an update for him, i’d tell him to delete and redownload it.

He tried to do that, Do you need to clear the cache and data, then delete the game?

Thats because one of you got Android and the other one uses an ipad/iPhone with ios.

I think the “ghost replay” is an ios feature only

Both phones are samsung galaxy’s. Tried clearing cache and data, deleting game. Same result. So what is the current android ver. ?

2.4.0 is the current Google Play version

I am at ver. 2.4.5 which was updated via Google Play. Samsung Galaxy S4. Android ver. 4.4.2. devs.? Btw, thanks for looking into this.

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I was almost sure I got it updated on Google play. Maybe not, this may be where I got it.
Early release? I read somewhere of an Oct. update.