Cumulative Best Time For Versus Challenges

I have an idea to be able to see your best ever time, or cumulative best, for versus tracks. Currently, you can only see your best time from your current attempt at the track. I think it would be great if you kept track of users’ best times for the versus challenges so you can have a true benchmark time to aim for. You would see your current best time from that versus challenge as well as an all-time best.


I love this Idea of yours.

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The idea is excellent but there is already a thread to talk about that

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Haha not the same thing sam :smiley: he is talking about making sort of like a leaderboard for versus…the topic youre talking about is just like the jam threads on here where you can just talk about the tracks and post screenshots and stuff :sweat_smile:

Apparently I did not understand well.

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Haha dont worry :grin:

No worries bro! My idea is to be able to see your best ever time on any Versus track. This gives you a reference point for your future runs on those courses since you know what your best time was. Also, it would mean that the Turborilla staff does not have to sift through data to find out who had the fastest time. Additionally, it would be even cooler if you can see your opponent’s best time on that course too. I think a versus leaderboard could be a great option/solution as well because it would include all the info that we want in regards to the fastest times on Versus tracks!