Controls won't work on Samsung Tab 8

Hello there, I finally found your message board. This is my first post, Hello to all. So my Lg G4 crapped out on me last week so I bought a Samsung Tab 8 to get me by until the new phone comes. I downloaded Mad Skill Motocross 2 and the game loads up great. The only problem is that my controls cut out. I have them on the manual (REGULAR) settings. But the controls don’t work. The throttle constantly cuts out. On top of that the forward / backward buttons cut out out as well.
Now if I put it in the “Auto” setting, the throttle stays on and the forward and backward controls work. But then I lose the ability to brake and it’s just not enjoyable to me. Has anyone out there had an issue like this? Is it my device? Is there a way to fix this or correct it? I’ve fallen back four divisions because I can’t compete.
I tried searching for similar threads to make sure I don’t re-post. My apologies if I missed it / them. But any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


First of all, have you tried reinstalling the app?
Otherwise we need to call a grownup. @hyarion?

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@Brian, sorry to hear about your phone.

We’ve had this problem for quite some time on both Android and on iOS but there’s not much we can do about it :pensive:
The reason why this happens is that the device thinks you’re pressing on the screen with your palm by accident so it ignores it instead of recording it as a touch.

Anyway, one way to reduce this problem is to avoid touching the edge of the screen when you push the buttons. Their trigger areas are quite big so there should be some room to move your fingers away from the edge.

You could also try let go of the throttle in air as long presses are more prune to cut out than shorter.

Regarding auto controls: you have two buttons, one for braking and one for idling so it is possible to play with this controls (in fact some of our best players has been using this setting from time to time)

I hope this helps until you get your new phone, and I’m sorry I can’t do more for you.

More and more players are actually playing using the auto throttle. Myself and a lot of THR actually use it.

Im not the best but i use auto controls, then i have a free hand to hold a beer or doughnut. Win win lol goodluck bud


You got it champ lol

I think I’m the only TCR that uses it. Others switch for certain tracks but that’s what I use all the time. It’s definitely not a bad idea, @brianp316 it has a lot of advantages to it.

I’ve heard that quite a lot of people use auto which for some reason kinda surprised me… Anyways i have a random question about controls :grinning: does anyone even use tilt mode? Cause i have literally never heard anybody doing so…

I think they made it so a single disabled guy could play it.

And that work out fine for you? :slight_smile:

PHYSICALLY disabled. Retards can still use their thumbs!

I hate to say this but then i don’t think you’re a retard… If you were able to use your thumbs you’d probably not be at the very bottom of the leaderboards :grinning:


I’m top 1000 you tool.

I struggled with my throttle cutting out periodically on a galaxy S4 and made the switch to auto throttle and have stuck with it since. Plus it frees up a hand for nose picking or whatever you’re in to.

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Haha nope. I forgot tilt mode was even an option.

Hey Guys,
first and foremost, thank you for getting back to me. Yes I have tried
everything, re-installing it. I have also tried tried the auto mode. In the
auto mode, everything works fine. There are no problems. I just can’t get
use to the controls. I’ve tried the tilt mode, but have a hard time getting
use to the controls. I’ve trying to find other people with the same issue.
But the good news is that I received a new LG G4 today and downloaded
Mad Skills MX 2. And all the controls work great again. It has to be the
Samsung Tab. I’ll try the auto controls and maybe I’ll get use to them.
But thank you every one for getting back to me! Thanks ,