Control buttons position customization option


It would be better if controls could be moved and adjusted to the convenience of the players. It would put to end difficulties faced by some players and notably help specially abled peoples as well.



Great idea and I completely agree. I would like the buttons spaced further apart on my iPhone and closer together on my iPad!!



Yes plz I hate when I’m railing on MSM2 or Rollin on MSBMX2 and I hit the wrong arrow. At least give us an option to move the buttons. What do you think of this? @THR_Birdshaw @THR_Jogga72 @THR_Dutchwoman @THR_MX_GOON @OnTheFrontLine @JoeW723



I too would like this, especially on the iPhone X. From what i understand i beleive this is already being looked at internally



You’re being looked at internally…



It would be great if implimented @OnTheFrontLine :blush:

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This feature would be great for BMX 2.
Button placement is a bit too far to the right in my opinion.

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I’d like to throw a hat in on this topic too. On MSBMX2 the up down arrows are a little too close together on my iPhone 6s Plus and way too close together on iPad Pro 10.5. Pretty much the main thing that keeps me from playing MSBMX2 more often.

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Maybe a 50% to 150% slider, so you can adjust the button sizes in MSM2.
I know you can click further away from the buttons and they still work, but extending this area further would be great. I have longer fingers, so I feel scrunched up playing on my phone.