Completing Achievements .... 5 second air

Trying to complete the achievements. Does anyone know what track a 5 second air is even possible on?

Hey Edski2…

I posted this on the Turborilla Discord a few weeks back…

" I know a few were wondering and a few chimed in on this already… “HANG FIVE” achievement, I thought I had it but found out I did not… just did Premium track 2 “Cannonball” if you get in on lower competition you can get this done. I land exactly at 5.0 off the first big ramp.

You can achieve the “QUAD FLIPPER” as well if you didn’t already have it… within that 5 second big air "

This assumes you have bought the Premium.

Good Luck.

Thank you @latte13 I reread the hang five requirements again last night and noticed using rockets was allowed so i was able to complete it on another track. I pulled of the quad already a few days ago on another track. The hard part is being able to win. Lol

No problem.
I guess I did it the hard way by not using rockets… and yeah, winning is the hard part.