Cheaters in MSMX2


He’ll be gone tomorrow


hacked time won last weeks jam and has not been removed (yet). :kissing_heart:


Thank you for catching it. I don’t play the game myself on my free time and the other support people usually catches them before I do.


It Put me up against a hacker


What game mode and track so I can strike him with the big ban-hammer?
Edit: Found him in the “Breakup” track, he’s been banned for a few years.


Thank you sir


Jam 220 top 17 overall times not been removed yet. Can anyone do the needful ?


We aren’t sure they are cheaters. However, as the times are obviously crazy (Faster than all the WC participants), they have been removed. Might have to do with us fiddling with the tracks.


It seems like the reporting is incorrect… I am 2nd on both tracks in my state but 6th overall in my state… doesnt make sense…


A little bird hit a big button and made things a little screwwy. We are trying to fix the mess.






Do you know any awesome birds?




Falcons… pfffff. They are maybe like 67% awesome. I’m at a whopping 116%!
Albeit closer to 115 than 117 atm.


Marvel’s Birdshaw :grin:


Coming to theaters 2019


Hey thanks… That was an interesting one… Keep up the great work.


Well, the little bird admitted to his wrong so :stuck_out_tongue: Blame Birdshaw, this time for something other than Dutchmom.


cheaters in all tracks