Cheaters in MSMX2


If you beat ZSE you’re a hacker. Silly kids tricks are for rabbits.


Yeah, there was some kid called DJauzzi that “beat” ZSE on Halo last week. It must be a hacker :wink:


Whats up with these new hackers?? Any progress in fixing it?


is this like the mod.apk thats all over youtube?


I seen that and thought what a pack of losers!


So far they are gone, right?




You were quicker… again


Seems legit enough😀

There has been made an update that kills the use AFAIK. Itll probably be made mandatory very soon.


Im always quicker :smile: haha


The hackers are in every career track as well.


Thats actually new. I checked last night and they were clean at that point.


Or maybe not. Look at this just taken shot of the boards from my phone.

No hackers on my end.


didn’t take m 2 long


Hmm, How do they do it, And is it something intentional or are they just “unlucky” to have their replays corrupted at the right time…


It sure feels intentional. Most of the profiles are brand new.


I can imagine it happening once, actually had it happen to me once on a career track. But this potter1998 made it happen om both jam tracks like 5 hours into this weeks jam. He should buy some lottery tickets while he’s at it if he did not hack his way onto it


I was coming on here to say it cant be a coincidence that potter1988 has done it 2 weeks in a row and it took him no time this week.


the updated version should make it impossible. however we still allow people to play on the old version…
this will probably change soon-ish