Cheaters in MSMX2


Yea I saw that too


@devs ?? :grin:


Theres something like this that gives you 9999999 rockets and when you follow the steps and get them. Boom you got a virus on your phone. And if this actually happens ZSE743 would never spend a dime on premium😜


I swear yall just removed this guy bc he went away yesterday. Now its back


He’s fast




It feels like something is wrong here :thinking: @MrSilverfox @hyarion


Dronehunters result in that contest was due to a strange error, it stood after the contest finished. Gumbler redistributed the winnings.




@JoeW723 @hyarion cheater in track halo




Don’t forget his overall time as well :grinning:




Done, thanks


Lol you beat brag an ZSE an think it will fly.


Time to get them cheaters @hyarion


Theese fucking assholes fucked up my only good record in career :sob: ban them!!! Or else i will cry! And no one want’s to see a ugly person cry


Keep your pants on. They’ll be gone in due time.


wtf >_<

If anyone knows how to reproduce this then please send me a pm and let me know


I’ve released a new android version which should patch this issue and I’ve cleaned up top jam