Cheaters in MSMX2


Are these hackers able to cheat in the Cash Mode as well?




Cheaters/Hackers, whatever you wanna call them. I was just hoping that they weren’t able to use any of the recent cheats in the cash play mode is all.


I’m actually not sure what kinds of active hacks there are in circulation right now, but past ones have largely been on Android. As Android won’t do cash games I don’t think there are any problems there.


Is there anyway the game developers can check out jgrizz44 I was racing his replay in time attack mode on bitter landing. I think he has the no.7 overall time in the state of Michigan but this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone teleport to another part of the track


Edit: bittner landing


Fyi, braapmaster3000 is deleting challenges to boost his win loss record. He just deleted my challenge on Open it up twice… Because he lost… Of course… What a chump!


is using Rockets




Of course It’s rockets​:blush: I was just beeing ironic. I’ts a real shame that It’s even possible that he can do it. But he won’t stick around, they will get rid of him asap and probably get him banned from playing this game ever again. Good of u to get him out in the light.:+1: Nobody likes a cheater.


He must be running a flintstone build. That bug was wiped before bike 11 right?


Sounds plausible. He’s on bike 10.


What is up with the rockets? lmao




@JoeW723, @bryan


I deleted the one guys times already. I’ll check again later and delete any others I see.


Watch him on Tabes for Days, rocket hack. User 00pppppp


We have already spotted and reported him, But thank you very much for your report. :+1:


Number 3 is another hacker using rockets


Pinuccio1974 is deleting challenges when he loses. Creating a fake win record… LOSER!!