Cheaters in MSMX2


There’s one guy that keeps slipping through cuz he doesn’t appear on world just U.S. Leaderboard, his user name is biazperdana005 @JoeW723

Oh yeah it’s on last weeks leaderboard


Weird, it won’t let me delete his time. I’ll have to talk to the devs about this one.


That is weird but I haven’t seen his name pop up this week so hopefully that will be the end of it


:grinning::smile::laughing::smiley::blush: it looks like the cheaters have been eliminated from mad skills motor cross,i would personally like to thank @JoeW723 for having to go through and manually delete all the bogus times one by one, @bryan and the @devs for tirelessly working to find a permanent solution. Nice work gents. Thanks for keeping the game on the up and up!


How were these guys cheating? Using jail broken phones and some aftermarket hack-ware?


As far as I know it was an Android only issue. And yeah, it was a hacked version of the game.


Cheaters at large again😬


I was just gonna post this


Here we go again with the lame ass no skill players fucking the game up with their lame ass rocket times in jam​:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:


I alerted Bryan and he’s removed the cheat times. Let’s hope it won’t spread too much.


Yeah I hope they nip it in the bud and it doesn’t get out of control like b4, now we know how @CountVonKasta has been getting such good times haha​:joy::sweat_smile::joy::sweat_smile::joy:


Et tu, brute? :wink:


Ii.dont know what that means but I was just kidding @CountVonKasta. Nice work lately brotha


Its all good Steve, its a Shakespeare quote I thought of when I read your post, I thought it was kinda funny when jokingly put in context :slight_smile:


Dem damn innerlectuals


Here’s something I don’t understand. I’ve seen a lot of ppl with good versus records but where it says longest losing streak it will say 0 :unamused: how is that possible.?

  1. They are awesome and win every race.
  2. They delete/stop racing the challenges they lose.


I understand that but when I first started playing an lost my first challenge it said 1 on my losing streak


If they never finish a losing challenge their streak will always be at 0. Personally I don’t really consider it as cheating as much as I consider it downright stupid.

Deleting challenges to pad win loss record

I agree