Cheaters in MSMX2


So I’m starting this thread for talk about the hackers in msmx2. The weekly jam discussion threads are getting overwhelmed with talk of the hackers so I’m making this thread for all things related to that. I myself am guilty of this.
Obviously the @devs are aware and are doing their best to combat the issue but if your like me and feel like Bitchin about here is the place to do it.

The OFFICIAL Jam week #113 discussion
The OFFICIAL Jam Week #163
The OFFICIAL Jam week #113 discussion

Still rocket times :grimacing: i really hope and think they will be gone for good soon


Thats just sad. I thought we got rid of them…


The guys tried to deploy the change automatically overnight when the Jam rounds switched out, but the deployment failed. They’re doing it again now. Will hopefully be fixed shortly.


Okay, the fix has been deployed. We’ll clean up the times that unfortunately made it onto this week’s leaderboards.

Keep in mind, fellas – anybody who has not updated to the latest build will not be able to upload times to Jam leaderboards or Versus challenges. So if people are saying their times won’t upload, it’s most likely because they haven’t updated yet.


let’s see how he responds



Lol, then fkn grind your way up there like the rest of us!


He just told me he cheats cuz he wants to please his younger brother​:joy::joy::joy:


Wow my older brother is so cool, he uses hacks in a game because he sucks at it



I hope he is lacking english skills, or else that is kinda disgusting. He is in his younger brother and wants to please him.
Wtf, gtfo and all the rest :smile:


Dude you crack me up​:nerd_face::sweat_smile:


Looks like some cheaters are still sinking times onto the leaderboards, despite our update. :frowning:

The devs are looking into it again.


Is it possible to reach this Allstar level with not even 1300 games?


would say it might be if they purchase a bunch of the permanent multipliers, but otherwise…hell no


@bryan I was wondering if you guys were gonna delete all the remaining bogus times from last weeks tracks, there is still a decent amount in there, at least 7 that I counted just in the top 50


I think @JoeW723 will when he has some time but it’s a super tedious process and he’s really busy this week.


Yeah I can only imagine, if it’s helpful I could scan through and make him a list, just to save him some time. I would NOT jeopardize any real times, I have way to much respect for the game and those who earned their places.


They should be gone now. If you notice any others just let me know their username and I’ll get rid of them.