Chat with opponents

I’m not sure if this has been requested already, but this is something I thought of while playing a versus match. We all know we have a small way of communicating with other players, and that’s by writing them a taunt message during a Versus game. It’s not very efficient in my opinion, because you can’t really have a full on conversation like that. My idea is to add some sort of chat room/box so that players are able to talk to each other. There could be private chat sessions, group chats, and so much more. It would help players by allowing them to communicate with others about a track, getting to know them, or getting tips from a more skilled rider.


Why not, this is a good idea! Like… :grin:

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this is not a promise of any kind, I just want to be sure I get what you want :slight_smile:

so you want to be able to have private chats with:

  • your friends
  • versus opponents
  • ???

group chats for:

  • tracks?
  • ???

and… some much more:

  • ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Where are we going with this​:thinking: I thought this is one of those places he wishes existed?:blush:It seems to fit for atleast some of his wishes.

Private chats with any player in the game.

Group chats for tracks, teams, and pretty much any players you add to the chat.

Much more, as in there are more possible uses for group chats and private messages. For example, Division group chats, state group chats. Also, you could message moderators if you need help. It’s a lot easier for players to message in-game than to sign up on the forums and create a post.

Another idea is to have the ability to block other players. This way, if they are annoying you or causing trouble, you won’t receive their messages.

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Sounds cool

ive been dying to say this thanx :slight_smile:

I think a lot of players are dying to have this :slight_smile:

I had a hard tym trying to contact all top players in my country to put dem all under one wats app group to have a common platform to chat or share about mad skills #welovemadskills

That’s why I made this request. You’ll be able to easily contact players and place them in a group chat.

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@THR_Birdshaw Could this happen ?

Barking up the wrong tree here. Stuff like that is above my paygrade… which is zero

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@THR_Birdshaw okay thanks :smile:

I love turborilla…Do u…?


Like another box specifically for talking like how you have jam, versus, career, then one for a chat box