Change my name in maskills motocross


My name is katoche55 and i would like « THR_Razmo »

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serait super aussi, TM_Razmo :crazy_face:
J’ai des informations.
déposé avec eux dans le message

Kann ich dem TM team beitreten

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Yes sure @Jonas

Tell me your current player name.
And the desired name of them, TM _ ???

OK ich heiße I’m im Moment ecke02 möchte aber TM_ecke02 heißen
Danke und freue mich auf das Team

Bin Niedersachsens beste Spieler

Mein aktueller Name ist Ecke02 Mein Name möchte ich in TM_ecke02 ändern danke…

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Hi my name is mhnasgiannoulis can i change it to manosgiannoy84 ?

MadSkillsMotocross2 MadSkillsMotocross2 MadSkillsMotocross2

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Wie bekommt man den Helm den ZSE743 hat
Kann man den noch bekommen

@THR_Birdshaw alright, it’s pretty embarrassing but my name is pu55yslay3r (don’t ask I don’t know) and I would like to change it to scr1m. If you could help a brotha out that’d be amazing

… Well, good thing that you asked for help or you’d become kittyslayer.

Changed ya name

Thank you!!!

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My name in Madskills 2 is 80Kiarryn
And I would like to change it into KiarrynYT
If it changed well thanks
So much for that

Can you change my msm2 name from zlady1 to WFO_ARTIC196

@TM_Desperados can you please change my name from a03132396141 to maskman i should be very thankful to u bro !


Hey @Jane_Olberos_Llena if you want to change your name you have to go to The OFFICIAL name request thread - #2147 by Jane_Olberos_Llena and ask for it there. Just tag THR_Birdshaw, and tell him what your current name is and what you want it changed to.
And maybe don’t steal other people’s name or numbers, like Zele, ZSE743, Nugget222, Master52, or Santi.
It’s not illegal but it is kinda dumb.