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Hi all

I have been racing a lot in Duel and noticed since yesterday, that i have lost against players/bots (Limeware, Primemo), which i coulnd’t find any profile when searching by them, neither i could find them in the ranking. For example Limeware had over 10100 points and he was not one of the Top 10.

I have contacted Turborilla Support already and would like to know if you have had the same experience just recently when playing duel.

If they are real bots, where ever they come from, then basically the main idea of duel died right away.

I love this game and playing against real people on live time, that makes duel a great feature.

Hope any of you and/or Turborilla can share some more information, of what you have experienced or if Turborilla can find out more in regards to this.

Thanks to all for your help :slight_smile:

/Patrick (pat270474)

They do put you up against “bots” occasionally when there aren’t any live players in your trophy range at the time you are playing.
The bot times are actually kinda real though, since what they do is take runs played by other duel players.
They also usually take the profile picture of whoever’s run it is.
Which means that if you see the profile picture of ZSE or YouGotPetered with a different name, it’s still technically them, so you’ll be in for a tough race :joy:

It does kinda suck not knowing if there’s actually a person on the other end of the line raging at you though lol

But it’s the only way that you can play duel sometimes, especially when you get to a really high trophy count and there aren’t many real people playing at that moment for the system to choose from!

Hopefully that helps a little bit

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Hi Sonic

This was really a helpful answer and makes very good sense. And probably if i know now, that i am up against bots in duel, then it’s not anymore so attractive to me.

I do also understand, that we should not race against lower bikes, perhaps Turborilla can divide by bike level and if there are no opponent, then there is no one.

Also it states in the app under information, that you racing only against real player (see attached picture).


If this is the truth, that we are racing against bots, then “Terms of Use” or some communication to our community or at least the information inside the game we are using should be updated. So we have clear transparency in regards to that. I can imagine not everybody would like to race against bot :slight_smile:

Hopefully Turborilla might think about it and probably instead having duels, creating some tournaments on weekly/daily base and have live racing somehow :slight_smile:


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I’m more of a jam person myself so I don’t play too much duel or versus but I totally agree with everything you said!

Maybe it could say something like “race against real players or their replays” or something?

I kinda prefer the MX2 style though to be honest.
Live races are super cool, but they do bring in problems, like having to coordinate a versus race ahead of time (which can be frustrating especially if you’re in different time zones!) or sometimes only having bots to race in duel like you said.

Not really any way to get around that though unfortunately, so we’re kinda stuck with the options that we already have.

There is a Vurbmoto versus tournament coming up though, so if you aren’t signed up for that yet you should join in!