Cash jam races/ what device is best?

I play this game a whole lot and am competitive with the top guys, (when my phone isn’t lagging… which is the issue)
I have 2 questions:
What’s the best device to play on?
I want to know what the top guys are using. I race with zse743 master52 bragstad sixfootseven djauzzie and all those guys in the diamond division. I definitely want to know what those guys use.
2nd question
Are cash jam races for iPhone only?
I like android better But i will stick with iPhone if that’s the only way I can play cash jams.

-Any help is appreciated-
Ps: this game is awesome, and some of you guys are really fast!!

Well no clue what they play on but probably some of the newer iphones (@Zse743 @sixfootseven @Bragstad maybe one of you guys can confirm this?) :grinning:
And the cash races are indeed IOS only… Android doesn’t have them cause google is being stupid and won’t allow any real money gaming :unamused:

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I play on a cracked iphone 6 haha, nothing special.

I myself play on an iPhone 6, don’t like the newer phones so I stick with the good ol 6

iPhone 6s :metal:

Lg g5 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but no cash games on this bad boy tho :disappointed:

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